A plane that took off and disappeared in 1946 landed in 1993. What was found on board will give you chills

An airplane that disappeared in 1946 became the subject of one of the greatest aviation mysteries in human history. The case was closed, but it mysteriously reappeared in Havana, Cuba, in 1993 with 36 human skeletons on board.

The entire world was stunned when news broke about a Panair Do Brasil plane landing at the airport in Havana in 1993, 47 years after its disappearance.

On board the plane were 36 human skeletons, hot coffee, lit Old Gold brand cigarettes that had disappeared many years ago, and newspapers dated September 21, 1946, which seemed to have been printed on that day.

The case became one of the greatest aviation mysteries in human history, and local authorities could not provide any explanation for this event.

The first question that came to everyone’s mind was, “Where was the plane all those years?” Initially, it was believed that the plane entered a time warp and managed to return after such a long time.

However, since the passengers had died, researchers speculated that the plane made contact with extraterrestrials who killed the people on board and redirected it to where it was supposed to land.

Herman Guevara was the leader of a group of researchers who tried to unravel the mystery. Although he was astounded by the entire situation, he mentioned that the plane took off on September 21, 1946, from the Rio de Janeiro airport and disappeared. After 47 years, the plane landed at its destination, and no one could explain how this was possible.

Subtitle 1: Other Aviation Mysteries

In 1962, a Lockheed plane with 96 passengers and 11 crew members took off from an American base in California bound for Vietnam. After refueling in Guam, the control tower lost radio contact with the aircraft, and aviation experts suggested the possibility of a mid-air explosion followed by an immediate crash into the Pacific. However, extensive searches involving 48 aircraft and eight vessels failed to locate the crashed plane.

Another aviation mystery is associated with the Bermuda Triangle, a vast triangular-shaped area in the Atlantic Ocean. Over the years, both planes and ships have disappeared without a trace in this region. For example, on January 30, 1948, the BSAA Avro Tudor IV plane vanished from radars with all 25 passengers and a six-member crew on board. No traces of an accident, wreckage, or bodies have ever been found.

Subtitle 2: Logical Explanations

After decades of commercial planes disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle, experts say there are logical explanations for these incidents, such as technical issues or fuel shortages. According to the BBC, 60 years ago, commercial flights from London to Bermuda were relatively risky because planes flew at their maximum capacity. A refueling stop in the Azores was necessary before the 3,200-kilometer flight to Bermuda, which at that time represented the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight.

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