Sad news about Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline

Caroline Bryan, the wife of country music star Luke Bryan, took to social media on Tuesday (March 28) to discuss her feelings over a school tragedy that occurred on Monday and left the Nashville community in shambles (March 27.)

The massacre, which took place at the Covenant School, a private Christian primary school located in the Green Hills region, resulted in the deaths of six people, including three pupils who were nine years old and three teachers and staff members who were adults. At the scene, cops who responded to the shooting fired shots that ultimately proved fatal to the gunman, who has been identified as Audrey Hale, age 28.

Caroline, in her response, spoke as a mother and highlighted the sadness and anguish she feels with all of her fellow parents as they manage the terror of sending their children to school each morning. She spoke as if she were speaking on behalf of all parents.

Caroline is the mother of Bo, who is 15 years old, and Tate, who is 12 years old. “Every morning, I hop into the van with my sons and we always say our morning prayers,” Caroline, who is a mother, said. After the passing of their biological parents, who were Bryan’s sister and her husband, she and her celebrity husband took up their three now-adult nieces and nephews as their own.

“As soon as the kids are out of the car at school, I immediately say another prayer to keep the kids safe from any harm…and my head is always thinking about a shooting,” she explained. “I always pray that God would protect the kids from any harm that may come their way.” “It is unfathomable that parents, teachers, students, and anybody else employed at a school should have to go to work every day worried about being shot. There must be a shift in some aspect. Now.”

Caroline also included a picture of the Covenant School and a verse from the book of Psalms chapter 34 verse 18 in her post. The verse read, “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.”

“There is a hole in the soul of Nashville,” she mused. “It is incomprehensible what these parents and innocent children are going through…and what they will continue to go through for the rest of their lives.”

In the wake of the tragedy, a number of country music singers, including Bryan, have taken to social media to share their shock, sadness, and fury. Reba McEntire, Carly Pearce, Randy Houser, Sheryl Crow, and Brothers Osborne are just a few of the numerous artists who have shared their opinions on the matter.

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