Deion Sanders Begins Recovery Process After Undergoing Successful Blood Clot Surgery

It looks like Deion Sanders won’t need to amputate his foot after all.

The Hall of Fame cornerback and current University of Colorado head coach had surgery on Friday (June 23) to treat two blood clots in his legs – one of which was in his right leg, while the other was in his left leg. The operation was successful.

His girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds, took to Instagram to share an update following surgery on Friday.

“We are so grateful for the healing power of God and for all of our prayer warriors! It was a long, but successful day!” she wrote in the caption – sharing a photo of a quote that read, “Never doubt the power of prayer.”

Edmonds says her husband is currently ‘resting and doing great tonight after his surgery’ and thanked everyone for their continued love and support. A few hours before that, she shared a photo of herself alongside her husband, who was in a gown on a hospital bed, and his head trainer, Lauren Askevold

The news comes just one day after Coach Deion Sanders took to his own Instagram to announce the surgery and denounce the rumors of a potential amputated foot. His most recent surgery – his tenth total – was to restore blood flow to the foot and toes, that way they can move forward with the primary surgery. 

“There’s no talk of amputation. There’s no talk of any of that whatsoever. The doctor was just telling me worst comes to worst, that [amputating the foot] was gonna happen,” Sanders said in the video. “But I believe in staying right, so we never have to take that left,” he continued before discussing the blood clots.

The blood clots were disrupting blood flow through the legs, which was preventing the doctors from performing surgery on Deion Sanders’ toes. Now that doctors have addressed the blood clots and corrected blood flow, they can proceed with the toe surgery and, in return, avoid further amputation.

“I appreciate you. I appreciate your gestures. I appreciate your prayers,” he said of the love and support he has received over the past year. He went on to joke about one of his friends who shared a remedy with Coach Prime, telling him not to worry about his toes because they’ll grow back – he enjoyed the laugh. 

Deion Sanders Shares Touching Video

On Friday (June 23), Deion Sanders took to his Instagram to share a powerful message about his faith. Speaking to the Lord, he claimed he wasn’t there to ask him for anything. Instead, he just wanted to thank him – thank him for blessing him, thank him for covering him, and thank him for guiding and leading him. 

“If you never bless me again, Lord, you’ve blessed me enough – I just want to say thank you. If you never cover me again, Lord, you’ve covered me plenty – thank you. If you never choose to guide me or lead me again, Lord, you’ve led me and guided me enough – I just want to say thank you, Lord,” Primetime said. 

Deion Sanders is currently preparing for his first season as head coach of the University of Colorado – he spent the past three seasons as head coach at Jackson State University. He led the team to a 27-6 record, but was just 0-2 in bowl games – the Tigers were 16-0 in their conference in 2021 and 2022. 

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