A Homeless Man Received Coffee and Pretzels from this Woman.

No one wants to be a beggar and live off what other people give them. I believe anyone who has been in this predicament has had a hard life and it would be hard for any of us to cope.

When most people see a beggar, they have a bad attitude and will not help them.

Some people even like to make fun of beggars and make them feel less important than the rest.

Casey Fischer is one of those people who seizes opportunities to help.

One day she met a beggar on the street. Casey was at the coffee shop when the man showed up, but she only got $1 from the customers.

Casey invited him to the table she was sitting at and offered to buy him a coffee and a pretzel after she checked out. She believed that maybe this gesture would make this man’s day better.


After talking for a while, Casey discovered that the man’s mother had died of cancer and he ended up on the streets because of drugs.

However, he wants to get back on track and wants his life to improve. He wants to be the kind of boy his mother always wanted him to be. She was ready to leave when they finished their conversation.

She encouraged him to believe that things would get better with time and thanked him for choosing to tell her about his life.

But beggar Chris asked Casey for a pen and paper.

He quickly wrote something down before handing the paper back. Casey said goodbye to Chris and left off to college, but as she drove and she realized that she hadn’t even read what Chris wrote on the paper.

It was written on that note “Lovely soul, thank you!”

Casey shared the news on social media. She said that Chris is a great person and that she would like the opportunity to help him to improve his life.

Casey wrote that she appreciates the man’s efforts to overcome the disease and become a normal person. However, it is difficult for him to get rid of his condition because people never consider him.

People appreciated Chris’ desire to overcome this time in his life and become a better person despite being a beggar now. Thanks to this, the post quickly became very popular.

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