14 Dogs Surrounded The Young Girl. When The Girl Raised Her Hand To The Sky At That Precise Moment, A Wonderful Event Occurred.

The reason why dogs and humans have always been best friends is because their brains are so similar!

Scientists have discovered one explanation for the mutual understanding between humans and dogs, which dates back more than 30,000 years: amazing resemblances exist between the human and dogs brains.

Similar to humans, dogs respond to emotions expressed through speech: The brain region responsible for this process is shared by humans and dogs, according to research.

The film explains the extraordinary bond that exists between a young child and numerous German dogs in this manner. The video of a young child playing with 14 dogs goes viral.

The common belief that these dogs are aggressive and dangerous around children is not supported by the film.

Back to the research, the results demonstrate that dogs’ affection for us is greater than their appetite; rather, they show concern for us for the same reasons that humans do, like relationships and social comfort.

American researchers at Emory University in Atlanta have previously demonstrated that dogs and humans share a brain region linked to happy emotions.

In fact, this study confirms what dog owners have known all along: that their dogs experience affection and love.

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