With the loss of loved ones, the cast of Little People, Big World is devastated by loss.

The Roloff family, best known for their appearance on the hit reality show Little People, Big World, has lost several loved ones in sad circumstances.

Despite their pain and suffering, the family is now closer than before.

Matt Roloff has had a challenging year with the death of his father, Ronald James Roloff. In a heartfelt Instagram message, the 60-year-old conveyed his love for his late father, who died at 84.

The Roloff family has deeply felt the passing of their loving father, affectionately known as ‘Papa’ by his ten grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

Ron was a fantastic husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather who touched many people’s lives with his everlasting love and commitment.

His unwavering faith in Jesus was evident throughout his life, even in his final earthly hours. He inspired everyone who had the good fortune to cross paths with him.

Matt had to cope with the loss of his loving father to chronic lymphocytic leukemia, as well as the death of his younger brother Josh.

Josh died at age 34 of a severe heart and lung condition that had troubled him since childhood. The loss of these two important people saddened the whole Roloff family.

Amy and Matt’s family were traumatized by the deaths of Josh and Patricia Knight within months of Amy’s engagement to her second husband, Chris Marek.

They dedicated their book Little Family, Big Values to Josh to commemorate and carry on his legacy. They admired him as a wonderful son, brother, uncle, and friend during his brief but significant life.

Even though he is no longer among them on Earth, they believe that when the time comes, they will all be reunited in Heaven.

Unfortunately, her family learned that her mother had been transported to the hospital and died only a few days later. Amy was in a state of despair and uncertainty as she struggled to process the complex emotions she was experiencing.

Jacob, their son, could never meet or interact with his mother-in-law.

Jacob and Isabel tied the knot in 2019. The particular date they met, however, is unknown. Their paths were unlikely to intersect until Isabel’s brother, Tomás Garrenton, was tragically killed in a train accident in 2012.

Isabel has vowed to ensure her child with Jacob understands everything there is to know about her loving brother. “He’ll realize who you were – your sense of humor that would make me laugh whenever I was down and your talent as a musician before you left,” she has declared publicly. Uncle Tomás, my child, will discover everything there is to know about you.”

Isabel was heartbroken when her lovely mother, Toni Garreton, died barely two years after her brother died. When she drove along a familiar road in her hometown, one she and her mother had taken countless times before, the sorrow of such tragic losses overpowered her.

Isabel could smell her mother’s perfume and hear her mother’s laughter echoing at the time. Those memories flooded back to Isabel, reminding her of how much they had loved and spent time together.

Despite the overwhelming pain that comes with such a huge loss, Isabel is glad for all the experiences and moments she was able to share with her mother—moments she will cherish for the rest of her life.

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