Heartbreaking news about Lynda Carter

Robert A. Altman and Lynda Carter were wed for 37 years. On social media, Carter wrote a heartfelt obituary for her late husband.

A week after her husband Robert’s departure, the 73-year-old Wonder Woman actress from the 1980s spoke candidly about their loss.

Robert and the now-69-year-old actress were married in 1984, and they later had two children together, James and Jessica. As a female superhero on television, the actress became well-known.

Lynda posted a memorial and a few black-and-white images of the couple from their early dating days to show her sorrow that the “love of my life” was no longer with her.

Lynda sent a message to Instagram with the caption, “My much-loved husband Robert A. Altman passed away one week ago today.

My one and only true love has been and will continue to be Robert.

The following sentence was followed by Lynda saying, “Our 37 years of marriage were an incredible gift to each other.” We became friends over my belief that everyone should have the opportunity to feel passion at least once in their lives.

We never stopped defending one other’s rights and keeping an eye out for each other’s safety.

According to Lynda, a former Miss World USA contestant, their children were Robert’s “biggest joy of [his] [life].”

She stated, “I also know that he continues to live on through them because I see so much of Robert in them.”

In a letter she also delivered to her audience, Lynda said, “I would like to thank you on behalf of James, Jessica, and me.” When you tell us about your interactions with Robert at shows or as a result of his job in the video game industry, we especially like to hear about it. He enjoyed hearing your stories and getting to know you.

Robert served as the Chief Executive Officer of the video game firm ZeniMax; it is still unclear what caused his demise.

James, the deceased’s son, noted that his father’s demise came way too quickly.

Then Lynda gave Robert even another compliment, saying, “You are the most respectable person that I have ever had the chance to know.”

“And I was given the opportunity to become your wife and the mother of your children. I am incredibly grateful for all the love you have given me.

We will make every effort to maintain your legacy and achieve our aims, but nothing could have prepared our family for this predicament. I’m grateful for everything you’ve done, and I promise to always adore you.

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