Toby Keith Backs Out of August Show With Garth Brooks: “I Can’t Be a Part of That”

This August at a concert in Fort Sebetsville, Florida that has been planned for more than two years, Toby Keith won’t be joining “woke” Garth Brooks on stage.

“Toby doesn’t want to stand onstage next to someone who called half of all Americans a-holes,” explained tour manager Joe Barron. “He feels like if he does, he could be the next to lose the respect of his fans.”

People who usually give Brooks standing ovations booed him off the stage at the 123rd Annual Texas Country Jamboree in Hambriston, Texas. Additionally, he lost the financial support for his bar, “Friends in Low Places,” as well as a record deal with Capitol.

Would you want to tour with Toby Keith if you were him? According to Barron, most country music celebrities share this sentiment.

Although Brooks felt there may have been another way to address the matter, “for the good of the people involved,” as if he cared about anyone but the woke, he claimed he’s not really worried about missing the one show with Keith.

According to Brooks’ publicist, Art Tubolls, “it was a charity event for terminal kids to help leukemia research and the Make a Wish foundation. Kind of an odd flex. However, he is free to do so if it would help him sell more records to the cruel dickheads who support him.

To silence them, Brooks made the decision to donate $200 million to the show’s fundraising. At least you can buy them off if you can’t do good deeds like perform at a charity event, right Garth? Godspeed to the USA.

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