He was abandoned by his wife after she found out that he had a short time left to live. “The morning my husband was informed that he has little time left was also the morning when I knew I had to leave him.”

A hallucinating life story that astonished many people.

She decided to get a divorce.

Even though she was married for many years with her husband, with whom she had a child, when she found out that he would die, she made the decision to divorce.

While some people harshly criticized her decision, others congratulated her, saying it was the best choice she could make.

The woman from Australia said that she had a deteriorated relationship with her partner who refused to quit smoking, even though doctors repeatedly told him that he had a chronic lung condition, without considering their child and the suffering he would be subjected to.

“The morning my husband was informed that he would die was also the morning when I knew I had to leave him,” said the woman, according to Daily Mail.

The woman further narrated that her husband did not take into account the advice of the doctors or their child and continued to indulge in vices that gradually consumed his life.

“That’s it, if I’m going to die anyway, I might as well keep smoking,” her partner allegedly said. No one could convince him to stop.

“I looked at my husband and realized he didn’t listen to anything he was told,” the woman recounted.

As a mother, I immediately knew that I had to save my son. I didn’t want him to grow up watching me take care of his father. I didn’t want him to experience the gradual deterioration of a father who did nothing to help himself,” the woman added, according to b1.ro.

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