Jeff Bridges Reveals Remarkable Health Update: A Brush with Death Just Two Years Ago

Beloved actor Jeff Bridges has faced significant health challenges in recent years. At the start of 2021, it appeared that Bridges might be nearing the end of his journey, but he managed to overcome the odds.

Fast forward two years, and Bridges has a positive update regarding his health. Read on to discover the incredible journey he has been through.

During an interview, Bridges recollected the discovery of a tumor in his body, measuring a staggering 12 by 9 inches. He likened it to a child residing within him, surprisingly devoid of pain or discomfort.

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However, there is good news to share—thanks to a combination of infusion and oral chemotherapy, the tumor has significantly shrunk to the size of a marble. This delightful development comes after the actor’s near-fatal battle with Covid-19 just two years ago.

At the time, Bridges was undergoing chemotherapy, which compromised his immune system, making him susceptible to the virus. The toll on his health was immense.

Bridges extends heartfelt praise to his wife for her unwavering support and tenacity. He credits her as his ultimate champion, highlighting her adamant stance against placing him on a ventilator—a decision that aligned with his own wishes and the doctors’ recommendation.


After an extended hospital stay, Bridges eventually received convalescent plasma as a treatment for the virus that wreaked havoc on his body.

This procedure involved using plasma from recovered Covid-19 patients to aid in the recovery of those still battling the illness. Reflecting on his near-death experience and the subsequent treatment, Bridges discovered a profound appreciation for the true priorities in life.

The threat of losing everything intensified his gratitude for his loved ones and the love he shares with them.

With his recovery behind him, Bridges has resumed his career and is currently occupied filming the second season of his show, The Old Man. Expressing his deep sense of gratitude, he recognizes the blessing of working alongside a talented cast, remarking on the rejuvenating effect of returning to what brings him joy.


Having faced cancer, Bridges now cherishes his renewed lease on life. He believes that acting holds greater significance than ever before, considering the current times.

According to him, the demands of the era necessitate our collective creativity. Bridges encourages unity in crafting something beautiful, akin to the collaborative efforts witnessed in the world of cinema.

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