Parent’s devastating decision – forced to pull the plug on 13-year-old daughter after sleepover horror

Australia’s Ally Langdon couldn’t hide the sadness bubbling inside when she spoke with a mom and dad, who were forced into the painful decision of taking the life of the young girl whom they had given life to only 13 years before.

The young girl died after falling prey to a viral craze called chroming, and Langdon, also a mom, struggled to hold back her tears.

Appearing on A Current Affair with host Ally Langdon, Andrea and Paul Haynes shared their story of how

their 13-year-old daughter Esra Haynes died after following a social media trend called chroming, that involves inhaling toxic chemicals through the mouth or nose to get high.

Referred to as “determined, fun, cheeky and talented” by the Montrose Football Netball Club that she

co-captained, Esra was a young athlete who raced BMX bikes with her brothers, and led her team to a national aerobics’ championship in Queensland.

On March 31, Esra went to a friend’s home for a sleepover and, for what would be a fatal high, she sniffed a can of aerosol deodorant and went into cardiac arrest, sustaining irreparable brain damage.

“It was just the regular routine of going to hang out with her mates,” her mom Andrea, told Langdon in the interview.

Her father Paul added, “We always knew where she was and we knew who she was with. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary…

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