The perfect reply comes from 76-year-old Susan Sarandon, who has faced criticism for her appearance.

One of the most recognizable actors of all time is Susan Sarandon. The actress is admired for her unflinching self-assurance and capacity to hold her own on screen.

She decided to educate them after they began to criticize her choices.

Hollywood veteran Susan Sarandon is still going strong after a successful career.

She rose to fame as an actress thanks to her portrayal of Janet Weiss in the venerable musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975.

Thelma and Louise was one of the movies she later starred in, for which she won praise from critics. For her performance in the movie, she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. For her performance in Dead Man Walking, the actress ultimately received an Academy Award.

The actress has always valued her body and taken great pleasure in expressing herself through her sense of style. She has a rather direct demeanor and is forthright about the causes she supports.

The actress’ decision to show up to a red carpet event wearing a white jacket and a black bra was criticized by some. A reporter criticized her outfit as being “totally inappropriate.”. ”.

But the actress chose to use an image rather than try to defend herself verbally. She shared an old photo in which she was only wearing underwear and flaunted her figure. Because a picture speaks a thousand words, Sarandon successfully silenced those who questioned what was “appropriate” for her and what wasn’t.

The actress puts her priorities first rather than worrying about getting older. She remarked in a chat, “When your sense of time has an ending and isn’t finite, like how it feels when you’re young. ” According to the speaker, “When you understand that time is precious—you tend not to waste energy on the small stuff and only to surround yourself with people who are vital, curious, brave, and adventurous. ”.

Sarandon responded, “If you want to age gracefully, probably laugh a lot, get the recommended amount of exercise, eat well, and stay out of the sun would be the main things,” when asked how she manages to stay so young-looking. But according to the actress, maintaining your appearance also calls for a talented makeup and hair team.

Without a doubt, Susan Sarandon is exceptional! The actress stays on her course and ignores those with negative things to say about her. Please let us know in the comments what you thought of her response to the critics.

Give your friends and relatives a copy of this article so they can adopt Susan’s strategy the next time they face criticism.

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