Paxton Whitehead, a star of “Friends,” passed away aged 85

Throughout his long career, Whitehead appeared in movies and television programs.

One of our beloved “Friends,” “Frasier,” and Broadway family members has died away.

English actor and playwright Paxton Whitehead, whose nearly 70-year career includes roles in both film and comedy, has died at the age of 85.

Whitehead’s son Charles confirmed his death on June 16 at an Arlington, Virginia hospital, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Starting with “The Affair” in 1962, Whitehead went on to star in numerous other Broadway productions. These included “The Harlequin Studies,” “My Fair Lady,” and “The Crucifer of Blood.” He received an honorary degree in the arts from Trent University in 1978, and he was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in Camelot the following year.

Whitehead had a long and successful acting career, including guest roles on shows like “Murder, She Wrote,” “Ellen,” “3rd Rock from the Sun,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “Mad About You,” “Frasier,” and “Law & Order.” In addition, he appeared in two episodes of “Friends” starring Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Bloomingdale’s boss.

Whitehead’s final performance was in 2014, however he kept working till the end of his life, both on Broadway and in regional theater.

Shortly after his friend’s death, English actor Jim Piddock posted an homage online.

On June 19, he expressed his sadness over the passing of his mentor and close friend via Twitter, writing, “Heartbroken to learn my beloved buddy Paxton Whitehead has died away. As a performer, friend, and human being, he was outstanding. Everyone loved him, and he always managed to brighten their day.

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