Dolly Parton exposes the truth about her husband after 57 years of marriage.

Dolly Parton has admitted that she enjoys dressing up at home, even if it’s just her and her husband of 57 years, Carl Dean. The singer is well-recognized for her gorgeous appearance in public.

I like to dress up for Carl, Dolly Parton says in an interview for the Daily Pop on E! News from 2022.

“I straighten my hair and apply makeup every day before I leave the house because I tell myself, “Well, the whole world is out here, and everybody else sees me all done up. I won’t go home and behave badly for him in that way.

Since Parton and Dean have been married for almost 60 years, they have experienced almost all aspects of one another. The singer asserts that she works as hard on her appearance for her own advantage as she does for her husband’s.

She says, “But it’s important to me that I look as good as I can,” even though she knew he would still love her no matter what she looked like.

In response, Parton says, “Well, I think it helps!” When asked if it is the secret to keeping her marriage fresh after so many years, she replies, “Nobody wants to make out with a slouch,” adding, “Nobody wants to make out with a slouch.”

“I think keeping things, you know, spicy, which I think is kind of important, kind of helps,”

The country legend and recent inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Parton are keeping things “spicy” in her career as well. In November, Rock Star, her debut rock album, will be released. The album will have contributions from a who’s who of that genre, and Parton will sing rock tunes on it.

The debut of the album’s first song, “World on Fire,” was made at the 2023 Academy of Country Music Awards, which the superstar and Garth Brooks co-hosted.

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