Regrettably, Paul Harvey’s 1965 Prediction has Materialized

Throughout the mid-20th century, from the 1950s to the 1990s, radio personality Paul Harvey commanded an impressive listenership in the United States, captivating an astounding 25 million individuals each week.

In 1965, Harvey articulated a haunting prediction about America’s future that has alarmingly come to fruition, 53 years later.

He commenced his prophetic declaration with the words, “If I were the Devil…” and carried on by outlining societal issues that we now find ourselves confronting.

He warned, “If I were the devil, I’d disseminate the notion that the Bible was a fable. I’d persuade them that man was the architect of God, not the converse.”

As he proceeded, he revealed, “I’d incite discord within families, sow seeds of division in churches, and instigate internal conflict within nations.”

He declared, “I’d make an egg the emblem of Easter and a bottle the symbol of Christmas. I’d convince the young that marriage is antiquated, promiscuity is exhilarating, and that the life depicted on TV is the ideal.”

These excerpts from Harvey’s discourse may seem minuscule, yet their resonating truth in today’s world is hard to dismiss!

In contemporary society, we see a declining trend in the institution of marriage among younger generations, with many choosing to abandon it completely.

An increasing number of individuals are moving away from Christianity, and our nation is experiencing unprecedented political polarization.

In 1965, Harvey’s words may have seemed inconceivable, yet it’s disheartening to observe their accurate reflection of today’s reality.

It’s indeed lamentable that our society has arrived at this juncture, fostering the hope that we can somehow recalibrate our course to regain the values we upheld in past decades.

Do listen to Harvey’s complete address in the link below.

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