Chilling Detail In Couple’s Wedding Photo Months After Their Toddler Tragically Died

A photo from the bride’s wedding day contains an odd but comforting touch for a mother who lost her daughter in a fatal drowning in the family’s garden spa.

Their lives were turned upside down in September 2022 when Tahlia and Cecil Murphy, both 28, learned that their daughter Taidyn “Totty” Murphy, 17 months old at the time, had passed away at their home in Gracemere, in the Rockhampton region of Queensland.

Having already given birth to Paityn (12), Laikyn (6), and Haivyn (4), Tahlia married Cecil three months after the death of her daughter.

The entire ceremony, she told Daily Mail Australia, was dedicated to the couple’s Totty, but she has a special place in her heart for one particular wedding shot.

A mysterious stranger lurks in the background of the sunny photo of Tahlia and Cecil kissing to be discovered.

She told Daily Mail Australia, ‘Our whole day was for her, we had a big beautiful A3 picture of her, she had her own seat allocated and a bouquet done for her, our eldest daughter walked down the aisle with her ashes and some of her ashes were also put in my and my husband’s ring.’

Tahlia was devastated that her daughter couldn’t attend the wedding, but as a friend pointed out a tiny figure in one of the pictures, she began to feel a little better.

‘One of my friends found it and they sent it to me with the figure circled and they said your baby girl was at your wedding day after all,’ she said.

‘I was laying in bed at the time and my friend had screenshot the picture and I was like “oh my god she was literally there”.

‘I ran straight to my husband and we both had goosebumps and cried and said, “look it’s our Totty, looking on from behind a tree in a white dress.”‘

According to Totty’s doting mom, the happy pair even chose their wedding date with great care.

‘We got married on the 22nd of December because she was born in March, 2021 and she died in 2022,’ Tahlia said.

‘Also our anniversary is the 22nd of June and the number 22 is the combined age of my three other children, so the date was so perfect.’

The couple also revealed that, in the wake of Totty’s passing, they had purchased a puppy, which they named Tella (after their child’s favorite meal, Nutella).

While Tahlia had always been suspicious of the paranormal, she said she knew for sure that her daughter was watching from above after seeing this photo.

‘I found out my dad died when I was eight and over the years I have always tried to pick up on little things, like if he left me any signs or anything like that,’ she said.

‘I always believed but never to the extent I do now as ever since she passed there have been signs and this is just another.’

Tahlia has said that the urn they use to keep their daughter’s ashes is bright yellow and shaped like a butterfly, and that since since their daughter’s death, the pair has seen a bright yellow butterfly every day.

‘Without fail every day we have seen at least one and sometimes 10, 20 or even 50,’ Tahlia said.

‘We see them around our home, in the backyard, out the front of our car, when we are out and about, everywhere.’

More than 1.4 million people have seen the video that Tahlia shared on TikTok displaying the enigmatic figure, with many of those viewers noting that they are certain that their own little girl was present on that day.

‘Omg. That is the best footage definitely will be her,’ one person wrote.

‘This happened in my formal photos!! Now I believe my sister was there,’ another commented.

‘This gave me goosebumps so sorry for your loss. Your little girl was there that day,’ a third said.

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