Please keep “The Bold and the Beautiful” star Katherine Kelly Lang in your prayers

Katherine Kelly Lang, an actress, is recovering from surgery after suffering a major injury while riding a horse.

The 60-year-old Bold and the Beautiful actress disclosed that she fractured her ankle and foot on Mother’s Day in a series of Instagram videos and pictures.

On Monday, Lang posted a video of herself and others riding horses on a trail surrounded by mountains “I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day today. Describe your Mother’s Day activities. I set out yesterday with companions for a lovely ride.”

In order to train for a 50-mile horse race scheduled for next month, she stated that she planned to ride for 40 miles.

“It was a lovely day! I dismounted at about 16 kilometers to walk a steep, rocky terrain to give my horse a break. I fell at the trail’s base and my left foot received the brunt of the impact “The carousel featured pictures of her sleeping in a hospital bed with tubes, sitting on a gurney surrounded by medical personnel, and having her foot supported up in a cast while she was there. Lang wrote accompanying the carousel.

Lang continues: “My foot and ankle dislocated at a 90-degree angle to my leg, off to the left. I forced it back into position. Although it was revolting, I had to do it.”

She claimed that as a spectator “helped with my horse and my spirits,” she received a request for assistance.

The actress wrote, “The ambulance transported me to the hospital and the x-rays showed 3 shattered bones in my ankle.” “I had surgery that evening, and my ankle now has rods, pins, and screws. No putting any weight on my foot for six weeks.”

She said that she intended to “go to work later this week and try to heal quickly so I can do all the things I love to do,” despite her injuries.

Lang decided to remain upbeat and said, “I’m still in the hospital today, but I’m trying to grin. When things slow me down like this, I am not happy. There is also always something to learn. I’m not yet sure what that lesson is, but I’ll have time to think about it.”

As Jennifer Gareis stated, “Her Bold and the Beautiful co-stars expressed well wishes in the comment section “Sis! Rest up for a speedy recovery! I am sending!” Added Lawrence Saint-Victor “I’m very sorry!!! Become well shortly.”

Additionally, Krista Allen said, “Wow, those photos! Ouch!!! 😭 If you need anything, send me a text; I’m close to the studio. But, may I say… Despite having a swollen foot and a broken ankle, your pedicure looks amazing, darling.”

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