Sad news about the Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak

The “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak is now giving all the gruesome details of his emergency surgery to treat a blocked bowel, which occurred a month ago.

Sajak revealed that he believed he was going to pass away just before the surgery in his first interview after the procedure, which he gave to “Good Morning America.”

The game show presenter claimed that in November, while taking his daughter on a morning stroll, he first felt “excruciating” pain. A few hours later, he was bent over in agony and getting ready for surgery.

I was resting on the bed in the fetal position, he claimed. “They attempt to administer various painkillers to you. Also, none of it was functioning.

The anguish was then wiped from his mind, he claimed, after being given a medication by his doctors.

He said, “All of a sudden, I wasn’t thinking about the agony.” I simply saw lovely faces and lovely hues emerging from it.

My wife and daughter could be heard conversing in the distance. They were standing next to me, yet it seemed like they were miles away, he claimed. “They were conversing with one another. I also recall thinking, without being morbid, “I guess this must be death.” This must be how passing away feels.

He claimed that he was concerned about his wife and children at the time and felt sorry for them since they would “had to cope with the repercussions.”

Sajak, of course, survived the procedure and his concerns of dying were unfounded.

He laughed and continued, “As it turned out, I was just high.

“Good Morning America” quoted Sajak as saying that the procedure was “totally successful.”

He said that since doctors were unable to identify an underlying cause for the intestinal blockage, he is not required to modify his way of life.

Sajak claimed, “I’ve actually felt incredibly wonderful for a few weeks. “I’ve actually been working on concerts in the studio again. Even after spinning the wheel, nothing has popped, you understand. Hence, in my opinion, everything is OK.

Vanna White, Sajak’s longtime co-host, took over while he was healing. In the interview, Sajak made light of his concern that she might replace him as the show’s principal host.

I did discover she enjoys hosting, and I’m a little anxious,” he admitted.

Sajak cracks jokes, but he appears comfortable in his position on “Wheel of Fortune.”

I’m still thinking clearly, he declared. They left that in place, so I’ll keep selling vowels for a very long time.

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