I arrived home late at night, completely drunk. I thought my wife was going to kill me

A man shared on social media how he was treated by his wife after returning home from a heavy drinking session.

“I woke up with a severe hangover. The night before was the company Christmas party where I worked.

I don’t usually drink much alcohol, but those drinks didn’t even taste like alcohol. I couldn’t even remember how I got home. I had a feeling that I had done something wrong and that I was about to find out exactly what it was.

I forced myself to get out of bed. On the nightstand, there was a glass of water, a strip of aspirin, and a red rose. Strange! Everything in the bedroom was neat and tidy.

My clothes from the party were carefully placed on a chair. I took two aspirin and went into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. I had a black eye. God, it hurt. There was a note on the bathroom mirror.

“My dear, breakfast is on the kitchen table. I went to the market early to get the ingredients for your favorite pie. I’ll make it tonight. I love you.”

The note was signed with two lipstick marks. Strange!

I dragged myself to the kitchen. Our son was sitting at the kitchen table eating his cereal and playing on his tablet.

“Hey, what happened last night?”

“You came home around three in the morning. You were completely wasted. You fell over the living room table and broke it. You vomited in the hallway and then hit your face on the bedroom door. That’s why you have a black eye.

“Well, why is everything so neat and tidy in the house? I have a rose on the nightstand, and breakfast is on the table.”

“Oh, Mom dragged you into the bedroom and tried to undress you. You shouted like a madman for her to stop because you’re a married man and you love your wife.”

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