The incredible detail that a tourist accidentally discovered in the pictures taken on vacation.

As the Canadian traveller, Alycia Savard-Ouellet, returned home from her two-week vacation in Italy, she made an incredible discovery in the images taken at Rome’s iconic Trevi Fountain.

She had planned to visit the famous “Fountain of Lovers” during the closing days of her holiday and was excited to share her mother’s photographs with her family.

However, upon closer examination, Alycia noticed a “beautiful moment” captured in the background of one of the photos, an unexpected and heartwarming sight.

In the image, a young man can be seen getting down on one knee and proposing to his girlfriend.

The young woman, clearly overjoyed, accepts his proposal with a big smile and a nod of her head.

Transfixed by this romantic scene, Alycia couldn’t help but wonder who these two lovers were and what their story was.

As she scrolled through the rest of the images, Alycia found another picture that showed the happy couple sharing a kiss, sealing their engagement.

This image, in particular, tugged at Alycia’s heartstrings and she knew she had to find these two people and share their story with the world.

The Trevi Fountain, located in the heart of Rome, is known as the city’s most famous and stunning artesian fountain. The water at the well’s bottom represents the sea and according to legend, whoever throws a coin into the fountain will return to Rome.

It’s a popular spot for tourists and locals alike, and it’s no wonder that this romantic proposal took place at such a picturesque location.

The young woman took to social media to publicize her search for the two lovers, hoping that someone would recognize them and be able to put her in touch. She wants to share their story and the beautiful images with them as a reminder of their special moment at the Trevi Fountain.

In conclusion

Alycia’s vacation in Italy may have come to an end, but the memories of this “beautiful moment” captured at the Trevi Fountain will stay with her forever.

She hopes to find the two lovers and share their story with the world, reminding us of all that love can be found in the most unexpected places. It’s a reminder to always keep our eyes open and our hearts open to the beauty around us.

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