Indie, who was bitten by a dog, has an update from Morgan Wallen’s ex.

Indigo, or Indie, the nearly three-year-old son of Morgan Wallen who was bitten on the face by a dog, has returned home from the hospital.

Indie’s first days back at home were documented in a few social media posts by the singer’s ex, KT Smith, who also posted updates on the toddler. She uploaded a picture of herself cuddling with her baby son on Instagram Stories. She wrote, “Sleepy cuddly boy.”

An astounding array of toy vehicles are lined up in front of Indie as he plays on the floor at home in another picture of him. None of the images display the wound he sustained or the Band-Aid covering his face, but in one, Smith is seen flaunting a blue bandage on her cheek in a selfie.

She captioned the image, “Matching face bandaids w lil man so he feels normal.”

Earlier this week, Smith shared some details about Indie’s injury with followers, explaining that the young boy was bit in the face by her dog, Legend, who is a Great Pyrenees. After a trip to the emergency room and some stitches, the toddler is expected to recover fully, and Smith quickly worked to rehome the dog to a farm family in eastern Tennessee.

As she updated her followers on Indie’s recovery, Smith also shared a positive update on the dog, who seems to be settling into his new home just fine. “He’s taken over the bed at his new home and is loving the goats so far,” Smith wrote, alongside a photo of Legend hanging out on a bed at his new family’s house.

In July 2020, Smith and Wallen welcomed baby Indigo. They were no longer in a relationship when their kid was born, and they have shared co-parenting responsibilities ever since. In recent times, Wallen has uploaded pictures of his 30th birthday, which was spent with tiny Indie, on his parents’ social media accounts.

For $835,000, Morgan Wallen sold his house in Nashville. Five months after being caught on camera uttering the N-word in his driveway, the country musician made a profit of $135,000 when he sold his house.

The two-story home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms near 8th Ave in Nashville. 2,700 square feet and more. Less than a month after it was advertised, on July 8, 2021, Redfin verified that the house had been sold.

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