Joke of the day | At the hotel with my mistress:

Joke of the day is the moment of relaxation you need to break the routine.

“Yesterday, I went to a hotel with my mistress, and at the entrance, I see my father-in-law’s car parked.

I lost all desire and, of course, if he saw me, I would have problems.

I explained to my mistress that today was impossible, and she left upset.

Out of frustration, I broke both mirrors and went home. The next day, I went to see him and laugh at the fact that his car had no mirrors. He was very upset, and I asked him:

  • What’s wrong with you? You seem upset.
  • How the hell wouldn’t I be? Yesterday, I lent your wife the car, and she brought it back without mirrors.”

Next joke

Dad, I want to get married!

First, apologize!

But why?

Just apologize!

What for? What did I do?

You need to apologize!

But why???

Apologize, I said!

Please, just give me a reason!!!

First, apologize.

Okay, dad… I’m sorry!

Perfect, now you’re ready! Your training is over. When you learn to apologize for no reason, then you can get married!

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