When The Pilot Realized Why The Birds Were Flying Next to The Plane, He Began To Cry

Jason heard heavy knocks on the plane’s glass all of a sudden. He was clueless as to what was happening. He was anxiously searching about, and when the cabin staff informed him, his co-pilot gasped.

When Jason learned that a massive flock of birds was pursuing and attacking the jet, he was very perplexed. They just kept coming.

This might turn out to be a complete catastrophe, he thought.


Shaking the birds was Jason’s attempt. But he had to exercise caution since the whole aircraft may crash if they struck the engines. The more Jason shook the birds, the more hostile they became. Even though Jason didn’t know what was causing it, things kept getting worse.

From what he overheard from the flight attendants, things grew angry when the birds wouldn’t leave the aircraft alone. Birds were feared to allow the jet to crash for this reason. Jason reassured his other travelers that everything was normal and under control. However, the inverse was in fact true. When Jason needed aid, he had to ask for it.

To find out his alternatives, Jason had to contact flight control. He sensed that the birds were getting closer to the point where they may bring down the airliner. The avian population grew, and the birds became more hostile. Unfortunately, there was a hitch.

Jason’s copilot Jimmy swiveled around to look at Jason. Jason realized he did not have good news to share. To no avail, he tried calling the control tower. No one responded. But Jason was adamant that he keep trying. He alerted the flight attendants, who then had to soothe the agitated passengers.

Birds were so thick outside that the passengers rarely got a glimpse of the world outside. The whole aircraft was plunged into darkness, creating a tense atmosphere. All of the passengers suddenly felt a tremendous chill. Indeed, a few of them began sobbing openly. Jason needed to move quickly.

Jason strained his muscles to shake the birds loose and get some height on the jet.

The aircraft and its passengers would be in risk if he attempted a too steep ascent. More importantly, there were so many birds that they began directing the aircraft downward. Jimmy’s mouth dropped open at the sight of the approaching structures.

They had reached a critically unsafe altitude above the city. Jason was able to safely guide the jet to the countryside thanks to the plane’s controls. It dawned on him that trying to get higher would be pointless. It was imperative that he return to the airport and land the jet. However, how?

During this time, the cabin staff was busy assisting the guests. In fact, several of them were already standing up. They finally broke down and got some help. Some people seemed to be completely immobilized. The situation was a mystery to everyone.

At last, Jimmy was told to do a U-turn and go to the closest landing strip. They were instructed by air traffic control to reroute to a more local, smaller airfield. Not wasting any time, Jason swung the aircraft around.

The situation had escalated rapidly and was now quite perilous. When they steered the aircraft around, it smacked into a few birds. So much so that it seemed to further inflame their anger. Small fractures appeared in the panes as the birds continued to strike the structure.

Jason learned that rescue workers were on their way to the airfield. To get to the airstrip, all Jason had to do was make sure he could get there. Then and only then could they be of assistance. To avoid crashing, he had to use all of his efforts. Once they moved out into the countryside, though, things became considerably worse.

As soon as Jason left the city limits, he saw that the airstrip would deteriorate worse in the last stretch. Several more birds appeared out of the neighboring woods. The aircraft drew their attention right away. There was a sense of impending doom that seized Jason.
Jason saw that the closer the birds came near the plane’s engines, the more they attacked. It would be bad if a lot of birds flew into the motors. Jason had the goal of getting to the strip in his sights when he heard a loud crash.

Jason could scarcely keep the aircraft from swaying as it began to shake. Additionally, the aircraft was descending rapidly. The passengers also became aware of this, and they began to scream in alarm. The worst case scenario was really unfolding. Unfortunately, the engine failed.

Jason felt his heart racing. He was completely oblivious to his surroundings since he was so intent on his task at hand. The jet had completely lost altitude at this point and was crashing to the ground. There was only one possibility that Jason could think of. There was nothing left to do except fire this last bullet.

Because of an unexpected problem, Jason had to make a quick landing. This was something he’d never done before. The only exposure he had to it had been in theoretical contexts, via simulations, during his studies. He thought it was his responsibility to guarantee the security of everyone on board. His eyes suddenly opened to a new sight.
As he descended, he saw a body of water below him and determined that he would just barely be able to land there. Ultimately, this was their last chance of survival. Tackling a difficult landing. The aircraft would very certainly crash as a result.
Jason piloted the aircraft to a very narrow water landing. There was no cushioning for the fall. And it kept the aircraft from shattering to bits. For him, the most important thing was making sure everyone on board was safe. Then he heard a woman scream.
People inside the vehicle were the ones who started screaming. Shock and dread gripped them. After a little pause, Jason was able to free himself from his seat and walk about. Jason helped Jimmy, who was barely awake, get onto the aircraft. There was an emergency among the cabin personnel.
The crew did their best to maintain composure, and all outward appearances indicated that they were successful. Even after opening the emergency doors, they saw that the birds were still swarming the aircraft. If they let everyone go, what would happen?
They had to leave the aircraft immediately. The only option was to leave. Jason attempted to force open an escape but was unsuccessful. Due to his exhaustion and desperation, he began to show his feelings. One of the flight attendants was able to open the emergency escape.
With time on their side, they managed to evacuate everyone from the sinking jet. The crew did their best to calm everyone down, but there were still some passengers who wanted to get off the ship first and didn’t care about anybody else. Something they deeply and quickly regretted.
The first persons to leave the building were immediately attacked by the birds. When they all dove in together, nobody bothered them. The aircraft was even hit by a flock of birds. Most of their hostility was directed at the area around the baggage claim. Where did they hide it?
Everyone had to leave first before anybody could answer this question. Jason jumped into the ocean last, but the coast guard was on its way just in time to rescue everyone. At the sight of the aircraft, the birds immediately began circling the sky in a frantic pattern. That descended gradually into the pool.
All swimmers were escorted to shore by the coast guard. There were now more boats coming to save everyone. Those on board kept directing attention to the plane’s wreckage. Jason had a startled expression as he turned around.

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