Joy, a shelter pit bull, was adopted. The dog amazed the globe!

A family in Minnesota went through a traumatic event that altered their lives forever.

Two years ago, they took home from the animal shelter an American pit bull terrier mix named Joy. He got along well with everyone in the family, but especially with their two children, Jonas, 10, and Emilly, 6, who were both younger than him.

The dog and the children were inseparable companions.

They spent the entire day doing things together, such as playing games, going on hikes, and sleeping in the same bed.

On a certain occasion, Jonas arrived home earlier than usual and informed his family that his wife was going to take a bath.

The remainder of the family stayed in the backyard throughout the entire ordeal. The mother of the child reported hearing some peculiar noises at one time.

As soon as she stepped inside the house, she became aware that the noises were emanating from the second floor. As soon as she reached the upper level, she could hear Joy, the family dog, growling and barking furiously.

When the woman entered the bathroom, she discovered Jonas lying unconscious on the floor with his feet dangling over the edge of the tub. Joy pulled at his hair and hands in an effort to coax him out of the room.

After suffering a heart attack, Jonas passed out while sitting in the bathtub full of water. Joy had the uneasy feeling that something was wrong, so as soon as she was able to unlock the door to the bathroom, she rushed in and attempted to pull Jonas out of the water.

When Jonas’s mother first noticed that Joy was pulling on him while he was out of breath, she became very concerned. But, she quickly came to the conclusion that the dog was merely attempting to save his life by preventing him from drowning in the bathtub.

The wife dialed 911 without wasting any time, and the ambulance was there within a few minutes. Jonas was rushed to the hospital, where he received treatment that ultimately resulted in his survival.
Because of Joy, Jonas is still with us today.

“If it weren’t for Joy, I wouldn’t even want to contemplate the possibility of anything bad happening to Jonas. Because of Joy, my son’s life was spared, and we shall be eternally thankful. My mother predicted that he would undoubtedly be rewarded with a large number of steaks.

There is further evidence that dogs are beautiful animals who love their owners more than they love themselves. Dogs love their people more than they love themselves.

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