She is the woman who came back from the dead. Elena says she saw Heaven hand in hand with the Virgin Mary: Incredible what she recounted

A woman who experienced clinical death claims to have seen Heaven and recounts in detail how she felt she left her body and traveled above it all.

Her name is Elena, and her life took a completely different turn after she came back from clinical death.

She was profoundly marked by this experience that surpasses all imagination. Elena tells the story of seeing Heaven.

In an interview on the show “Voi cu Voicu” on Antena 3, Elena recounted what happened to her 26 years ago when she experienced clinical death. It all began when she underwent a routine surgical procedure for a perineal rupture that shouldn’t have posed any problems.

For two years following this experience, Elena couldn’t remember anything. Then everything unfolded in her mind, with great detail.

Elena entered into clinical death, and since then, everything that happened surpassed all imagination. The woman says she felt herself leaving her body and embarking on a sort of flight, above the Earth’s dimension.

In a way, she could see what the doctors were doing in the operating room, but from somewhere above them.

That’s when I realized that I was disembodied because I saw myself on the operating table, I saw the doctors, and I was somewhere above.

While they were operating on me, I reached a balance of consciousness, somewhere where what I had done was being weighed. My entire life played out like a film, Elena shared on the “Voi cu Voicu” show.

The woman remembers how, at one point, she found herself facing something she called purgatory.

She saw five frightening apparitions there, resembling goats with goat hooves, and Elena said they were devils.

“Further on, there was immense darkness and I could hear growls, some screams that I had never heard before,” Elena said.

Throughout her journey, the woman says she was guided by the Virgin Mary, who held her hand. There were also two angels flying in the Earth’s dimension.

Upon reaching two large gates, Elena recalls feeling afraid.

I was shown an old woman, at the last checkpoint, as I would call it. I was around 9 years old, grazing cattle, and I felt so sorry for this old woman because she had two sacks on her back and bread. I decided to help her, the woman said.

Because she helped the old woman, Elena received 3 lei (currency) which she initially refused, but later accepted and used them to buy food for her siblings.

She then remembers stepping towards a strip of light and needing to be careful not to fall. The two angels were behind her and to her right, and in front of her was the transparent and white figure of the Virgin Mary, guiding her.

Halfway there, someone from below, from those screams, called out to me and said: “Don’t look down, or you will fall, and don’t worry, when you come back, you’ll have time to save those there,” Elena recounts.

The woman remembers arriving at the two large gates that opened, and from that point on, only the Virgin Mary was with her, not the angels. At the gates, there were two men shining brightly. One had a shield and a sword, while the other had a key and a sword. That was Heaven. Elena walked on a path of flowers and saw a marvelous forest, and beyond it, she caught a glimpse of white buildings, bridges, and an abundance of flowers.

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