A fisherman made waves on the internet after a bizarre catch: “What kind of fish is this?” The discovery is astonishing:

The image of the fish sparked a lot of reactions, and hundreds of fishing enthusiasts started sharing their opinions in the comment section.

A fisherman was in for a surprise when he pulled his fishing line out of the water, as he couldn’t imagine such an unexpected catch!

After examining the fish more closely, he decided to seek help from other fishermen to identify the species that took the bait.

The mystery was eventually solved, but some theories from internet users stretched the imagination! The fish that divided the internet in two! What did the fisherman actually catch?

Since he had no idea about his catch, the internet user asked for help in a fishing group on social media and received more responses than expected. The post gathered nearly a thousand comments, with each fisherman offering their own theory:

“A highly invasive fish species! About 50 years ago, they were only caught on the coast! But since the canal was put into operation, they have penetrated upstream on the Danube, reaching the dam, and all river outlets, Danube floodplains, and from there, they have spread to all wetland areas, including mountain waters!

They are a loss and an imminent danger to the fish fauna in Romania! The same goes for that African Catfish! They are caught all day long and have been brought from the Black Sea ports to the Danube through ballast from barges. They have an extraordinary ability to adapt, thus their size. Normally, in the Black Sea, they measure between 10 and 20 cm, but on the Danube, they don’t grow more than 10-12 cm.

As a colleague mentioned above, if you put even a piece of a cigarette butt on the hook, they will still bite.

From what I see, it looks like a Moaca if it was caught in a mountain river, a very sensitive fish to pollution when the river’s course was diverted in the area where I am. About 30-35 years ago, there were many, but I think they are not as abundant now because I haven’t seen them for the past 10 years.

The guvid or wels catfish is a saltwater fish that has adapted to freshwater and is an invasive species that feeds on the eggs and fry of native fish. Overall, it’s great in a frying pan but harmful to the water where you caught it.

Kill it because it’s a monster and on the verge of extinction.” These are just a few of the comments.

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