The tragedy that befell Carrie Underwood is heartbreaking.

Carrie Underwood is the most successful “American Idol” winner. Her career in country music extends far beyond that sentence. Underwood has five CMT Artist of the Year awards and seven Grammys.

She sold over 60 million records and was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018. She is happily married to former NHL player Mike Fisher, and they have two sons, Isaiah and Jacob. Even the biggest stars falter, and Underwood understands the consequences.

Underwood has overcome numerous obstacles, including notoriety and personal grief. She publicly smiles on purpose, so you may not know anything about them. Let’s look at Carrie Underwood’s sad part since it might surprise you.

Even celebrities have strange incidents. Carrie Underwood collapsed on her Nashville stairs in November 2017. She didn’t share her wrist problem until a fan club post in 2018. “I broke my hand and cut my face. I’ll spare you the gory details, but when I came out of surgery the night of my accident, the doctor told [Underwood’s husband] Mike Fisher that he had placed between 40 and 50 sutures “in part. “I’m thankful it wasn’t much, much worse,” the “Cry Pretty” singer said.

“My face broke my fall,” Underwood said on “Sunday Morning” months later. It’s difficult to determine if she recovered until you live with her. We appreciate Underwood’s concern because appearance is crucial in the entertainment world. Many of the songs on “Cry Pretty” were inspired by her accident. Days after the American Country Music Awards, she performed on a radio show.

Carrie Underwood also spoke about her miscarriages before giving birth to Jacob Fisher on January 21, 2019. “2017 was not what I had hoped for,” she admitted on “Sunday Morning.” Between 2017 and 2018, Underwood miscarried three times, delaying her record and baby plans. While working on “Cry Pretty,” she wrote songs to describe her feelings.

Underwood claimed she became enraged with God one night while her husband, Mike Fisher, was away because she believed she had had another miscarriage. She cried rivers of tears. “How come I keep getting pregnant if I can’t have a child?” she wondered. “I prayed. Allow me to have a child or shut the door.” She went to the doctor to confirm her last miscarriage and realized she was pregnant with Jacob after she expressed her feelings to God.

Carrie Underwood’s childhood in Checotah, Oklahoma, a “one-stoplight town,” is depicted in “I Ain’t in Checotah Anymore.” She pays frequent trips to and supports Happy Paws, an animal shelter where her mother, Carole, volunteers. Underwood told “Sunday Morning” that she needs to return home from time to time for a more important reason. “I feel like this is the only place my spirit can rest,” she stated as she drove through Checotah. “I can unwind like nowhere else. I’m sleeping here. Sleeping.”

Celebrities must always appear happy and grateful. Underwood is glad for her life, but acting is difficult for her, particularly after her miscarriages. “I’d have these horrible things happening in my life and then have to go smile and do some interviews or like a picture session or anything.”

When Underwood can’t pretend, we’re grateful for Checotah. She attended the 2009 event at Checotah High School.

Carrie Underwood won “American Idol” on May 25, 2005. She then became a country music sensation. Underwood was more than just a determined journalist who entered a singing competition to hone her skills.

She revealed to The Guardian in 2019 that she had a record business development deal when she was 15. “We had no idea what we were doing,” she stated of herself and the band. She only made music recordings. Thus, Underwood entered “American Idol” to end the “what if” that plagued her. She received a positive answer.

Carrie Underwood violates gender conventions in country music. She was a vegan before marrying Mike Fisher. She prefers unpredictability. That is reflected in her business judgments.

“The Bullet” on “Cry Pretty” addresses mass shootings, but don’t assume Underwood’s politics. “Timely but not politicized,” Underwood told Entertainment Weekly.

“It doesn’t matter what the opinions or feelings are, it simply matters that something happened, and it’s about the people affected by it,” the singer said.

“Love Wins” from the same album references a shooting. The singer said to Entertainment Weekly, “I know I have a handful of songs on this record that people attempt to create about something — it’s already occurred.” “If we don’t sing or write significant songs, what’s the point?” she said, and she’ll keep touring with all-female opening acts because they’ve earned it. “I detest being put in a box,” she says.

Before marrying Mike Fisher on July 10, 2010, Carrie Underwood dated celebrities like Tony Romo. “Gossip Girl” actor Chace Crawford texted her to break up. It was mutual, so she didn’t have to announce it on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” like Taylor Swift. Underwood prefers not to announce it.

“We broke up by text so… it’s like ‘peace out,’” Underwood told Extra in 2008. “I don’t understand.” She complained that fame forced her to revisit painful experiences. “When you break up, and two months later everything comes out, it’s like repeating old issues.” It’s frustrating, so we’re glad Underwood won’t have another text message breakup.

Carrie Underwood shared the tragic news on Instagram in early April 2022. She revealed Ace’s death with images of him. Her update included: “My beautiful Ace passed away last night. We will miss him forever. He was a loyal buddy and an excellent boy. Ace, I love you.” Ace was Underwood’s wedding ringbearer, according to People. Underwood had three dogs: Ace, Zero, and Penny.

After Underwood was announced on Instagram, followers filled the comments area with love and support. Miranda Lambert, another country artist, said, “Sorry. That hurts. Love you.”

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