For ‘America’s Got Talent’ winner Michael Grimm, please pray.

After more than a week in the hospital, the singer’s wife Lucie Zolcerva-Grimm told fans, “We don’t know what’s wrong.”

Michael Grimm has been in the hospital for more than a week with an unidentified ailment.

The singer-guitarist was “sedated” and on a ventilator in the ICU, according to the America’s Got Talent winner’s wife Lucie Zolcerva-Grimm, who shared information about it on his Instagram on Tuesday.

“We’re in a position,” she said while sobbing, adding that the health scare had “been an emotional ride.” I know how much you all admire Michael, so please understand that I’m trying to protect his privacy and honor his request not to reveal anything. We’re kind of in a position, but I know how much you all like Michael.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Michael’s condition deteriorated, and I had to take him to the hospital, Lucie added. “You may have noticed that he was struggling with his health a lot, lacking energy, and not being able to fulfill shows,” she said.

No doctor, according to her, was able to determine the singer’s illness.

According to her recollection, “He was looking sicker and sicker; he could hardly walk; he couldn’t elevate his head; he couldn’t answer straight away when I would ask him things; he would be terribly irritable.”

According to Lucie, he was sent to the hospital’s emergency room, but it was found that he had not experienced a stroke. She said that while they were there, “toxins” from the disease began to enter her husband’s brain and he “started talking gibberish,” adding that “all of a sudden, physical tremors were setting in and his blood pressure was skyrocketing.”

The week has been spent in the intensive care unit (ICU) for Michael, the Mississippi blues singer who won America’s Got Talent’s fifth season.

Lucie disclosed that the week-long medical issue had left her feeling psychologically and physically weary. “For the safety of his health so he wouldn’t flatline,” she continued, “they had to sedate him pretty heavily and put him on a ventilator.”

He is doing well, she added, and the good news is that the ventilator was finally taken out today. He is now breathing on his own. “However, his body had been under a lot of stress the previous week. He is kept sedated to stop him from collapsing or convulsing due to changes in blood pressure.

Doctors are still unsure of the actual nature of Michael’s sickness, according to Lucie, who told followers that they are taking each day as it comes and that her top objective is to simply stay by his side and make sure he keeps getting better.

She thanked the medical team for taking care of the artist while he “remains unconscious” and warned the audience that he would need a long time to recover once he woke up.

Michael must regain consciousness, something he hasn’t done yet. She went on to say that since he has been in bed for more than a week, physical therapy will now be necessary. He has to have his vocal cords fixed because he has lost his voice. He also needs to mentally recover from this, restore his health, and get all of his organs back to normal and working. It may therefore take some time.

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