After receiving a romantic surprise from the groom on the wedding day, the bride was left speechless.

Becky, a mother of Tristan, who died at the age of 19, was getting married to Kelly, the love of her life.

The couple left an empty seat with a touching note on it as a tribute to Tristan.

Kelly told Becky that someone was occupying Tristan’s chair as the ceremony began. It turned out to be Jacob, who had won Tristan’s heart.

Becky was shocked when Jacob showed up for the wedding, he’s from San Diego; she had assumed that her son was there.

A stethoscope was provided to Becky, who was moved to tears when she heard the heartbeat of her deceased son.

Pictures of the lovely surprise were posted on Facebook, where they quickly gained popularity.

Many individuals cheered Kelly for his loyalty to Becky and stated that more inspirational stories like this one are required for society.

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