Vanna White hires an “aggressive new lawyer” after working on “Wheel of Fortune” for almost 20 years without earning a raise.

Despite Vanna White’s enduring tenure as a co-host on Wheel of Fortune since 1982, her compensation may not reflect the magnitude of her four decades of dedicated service.

According to a recent report, White has been without a salary increase for nearly two decades, leading her to enlist the services of a determined and assertive new attorney.

Her objective is to obtain the financial remuneration she rightfully deserves, considering her extensive contribution to the show, particularly in light of host Pat Sajak’s departure.

Puck claimed that White made $3 million a year, but it is essential to remember that Sajak makes about five times as much.

There is an ongoing debate about why Sajak receives a significantly higher salary as the host.

However, alternative sources have asserted that White’s role extends beyond co-hosting, as she actively promotes the show and invests more time on the set than Sajak.

The significant pay disparity becomes evident when considering that Sajak earns roughly five times more than White, despite both being 66 years old. Puck’s report highlights White’s purported annual income of $3 million, leading to the discussion on Sajak’s higher earnings.

However, conflicting sources suggest that White’s dedication to promoting the show and her extensive presence on set promise a more equitable compensation package.

Before Sajak’s recent statement, White had already expressed her inability to fathom the Wheel of Fortune without their combined presence. She emphasized their intimate association with the show, drawing parallels to iconic figures such as Ken and Barbie.

White expressed her sentiments: “Pat and Vanna are synonymous with Wheel of Fortune. We are entwined uniquely, having been welcomed into viewers’ homes for four decades. The idea of someone else turning my letters would be unfamiliar and strange.”

In the absence of Sajak, White also expressed her difficulty in carrying on with the show, highlighting the symbiotic nature of their collaboration. She said her melancholy, stating, “I feel saddened by that thought. I prefer not even to entertain the notion.”

Regrettably, it appears increasingly unlikely that this dynamic duo will reunite on Wheel of Fortune. After dedicating so many years to the show, it is only fair that Vanna White receives a substantial increase in her compensation.

Given her invaluable contributions and unwavering commitment to the program, it is preposterous that she has not received a well-deserved raise for almost two decades.

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