Her grandson broke an ice cream in half and threw it into the grass, and she forgot about it there. Four days later, she got scared when she saw what was in that spot. If you also eat ice cream, you need to know this.

This week, a grandmother from Australia contacted the manufacturer of her favorite ice cream after experiencing an unusual incident.

Mary Salter from Grafton, in northern New South Wales, asked a major supermarket chain what exactly is in their ice cream after a sandwich ice cream was left there for four days without melting and without any creature approaching it.

The woman’s grandson discarded the remains of a vanilla ice cream sandwich, with one piece falling on the grass and the other on the ground.

Mary left the piece on the ground there for a few days but was surprised to find that the ice cream didn’t melt and that no creature from the garden attempted to eat it.

Concerned, Mary sought help from the supermarket chain on social media, asking what is in their ice cream and why the piece didn’t melt despite the outside temperature exceeding 26 degrees Celsius.

So far, the company hasn’t publicly responded to the woman’s question but sent her a private message on Facebook to reassure her.

However, a guide published by Brian Clement titled “Hippocrates” drew attention to the substances used in the production of commercial ice cream, which can be extremely harmful to the body. Among these substances are:

  • Diethyl Glycol – an emulsifier used instead of eggs but also found in antifreeze or analgesic products.
  • Piperonal – a chemical that imitates the flavor of vanilla but is used to kill lice.
  • Butyraldehyde – used in walnut ice cream but is actually an ingredient in rubber cement.
  • Acrylic Acetate – used for banana flavor but is actually a solvent for paint.

These substances are just a small part of the list of substances used in the production of commercial ice cream, which makes us think twice before consuming this refreshing dessert.

In conclusion, the unusual incident of Mrs. Mary reminds us to reflect on what we consume and reminds us of the importance of reading product labels. In a world where we are surrounded by processed foods and food products with harmful ingredients, it is important to pay attention to what we put into our mouths and educate ourselves about our food choices.

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