Praying for Clint Black

Clint Black has reportedly opted not to perform as the headliner at the forthcoming Black Gold Bash in Midland, Texas, according to a report that appeared in the Midland Reporter-Telegram. Due to a health issue, the 1990s hitmaker had to postpone his attendance at the event.

Black “needs to undergo a procedure on his back prior to his performance,” a spokesman for the artist said in a statement, and while he recovers, he won’t be able to play live.

A successor for Black’s leadership position at the Black Gold Bash, which is scheduled to occur on June 7, has already been found, and that person will be Clay Walker.

The event, which is currently in its fifth year, was organized in conjunction with Oilfield Helping Hands and raises money for the benefit of families of oilfield workers who are dealing with challenging medical circumstances or other times of financial need.

According to Country Now, Black will have to postpone a few more dates of the 2023 Summer’s Comin’ Tour due to his persistent medical issues.

Four events that were scheduled to occur in June have been postponed. The new dates for these shows have been established for October 27, December 28, August 4, and August 5, respectively.

The previous dates for these gigs were planned for Overland Park, Kansas; Catoosa, Oklahoma; Round Rock, Texas; and Fort Worth, Texas.

Additionally, Black’s performance in Abilene, Texas, which was planned for June 16 has been rescheduled.

The Summer’s Comin’ Tour will now launch on June 24 at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Annex in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, according to information posted on Black’s official website.

The singer is continuing to host Talking in Circles With Clint Black on the Circle Network, where he continues to welcome a stellar ensemble of musical guests.

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