An elderly woman entered a beauty salon and asked the manicurist to do her nails: “I know my hands are ugly, I want a simple color.” What followed will bring tears to your eyes! Look at what the young woman who took care of her did.

The image attached became viral on Facebook and gathered tens of thousands of likes, impressing people from all over the world.

The photograph was posted on the social network by a woman named Brandalyn Mae Porter, a professional manicurist.

She recounts that one day, a very elderly lady entered the salon and asked for her help in choosing a nail polish color.

“I want a simple color because I know my hands are ugly, and I don’t want to draw attention to them,” said the elderly woman. The young woman’s reply was heartwarming and brightened the old lady’s face:

“But why would you be ashamed of your hands? They tell the story of your life; with them, you’ve probably done things others can only dream of right now! Be proud!”

In the end, the elderly woman’s choice was the color pink.

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