The Doctors informed a young Mother with almost No Muscles that she couldn’t have a baby, yet she ended up having a miraculous baby.

Anyone who has kids will understand that life is not easy.

Parenting is a full time job that demands love, dedication, and more nights without sleep than I care to count. However, for some parents, the difficulty is more than most of us can ever comprehend.

Sheree Psaila, 22 years old, is not even physically able to pick up her kid, caring for him goes much beyond the norm for her.

He’ll cry at times but I can never get to him to pick him up,” Sheree told the Daily Mail. “I’ll have to wait for anyone to come and pick him up for me.”

The cause? Sheree suffers from a rare genetic disorder that has caused her to lose all of the muscle in her arms and legs.

Sheree Psaila has lived her entire life going against what people expect of her.

She was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenital (AMC), an extremely rare illness that results in the absence of muscular tissue in the arms and legs.

As you can expect, her entire life has been an uphill struggle; initially, not even her medical professionals had confidence in her. Sheree’s parents were informed that she was unlikely to live to see her first birthday.

Doctors informed Sheree that she would probably need to use a wheelchair for the rest of her life after 20 unsuccessful procedures. But Sheree wasn’t going to let anyone else determine her fate.

She was already determined not to let bullies stop her from living her life to the fullest at the age of five.

Sheree met her future husband, Chris, while she was a student. Additionally, he has a hereditary condition that affects the lower section of his spine.

After Sheree and Chris’ March 2015 wedding, they were ready to try for a family of their own.

However, Sheree’s first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. But after digesting the overwhelming pain, the couple gave it another shot.

Sheree told the Daily Mail, “The doctors informed me I probably wouldn’t be able to have babies, however they didn’t offer me a reason why not.”

A Miracle Happen

Sheree is just 122 cm tall, therefore her doctors said it would take a miracle for her to be able to carry and deliver a child.

All the skeptics would soon, as usual, be forced to change what they had said.

Sheree gave birth to a son by caesarean section after Chris and sheree moved to Melbourne.

Hayden was born weighing a healthy 5 1/2 pounds (2.5 kg), which is good given the situation at hand.

He also doesn’t have any genetic diseases or disabilities, something Chris and Sheree were both worried about.

Everyone agrees that Hayden is a miracle, and after Sheree’s long journey.

Sheree and Chris do confront more difficulties than the majority of parents, but they have demonstrated how love can triumph over all obstacles.

Sheree finds it challenging to raise Hayden due to her lack of muscle.

Fortunately, she has assistance from a caretaker who visits her five days a week. though, Chris is the one who carries the most responsibility.

Sheree says, “I want to be able to hold him in the pool and do all of the things that Chris does with him when we go swimming.”

Even still, Sheree enjoys being a mom to her happy, healthy boy despite everyday battle.

Even though Sheree’s difficulties are constant, she still pursues her education and lives her ambition.

I’m certain that mothers are the strongest people in the world after reading stories like these.

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