A Wish List Compiled by an Oklahoma Foster Child.

The horrifying story of a boy that was shared on Facebook by the group “Dream Catchers for Abused Children” moved everyone to tears.

This group helps and cares for children who have been the victims of any kind of family violence.

Children who are abused by their parents are removed from the home and sent to a place where they can get help, care, and understand.

The young children then seek an adoptive family that will unconditionally love and care for them so that they can lead a peaceful life free of abuse.

A child from Oklahoma had his biological parents abuse him. The child was abused and starved for years by his alcoholic parents.

The boy longed for the good times of his youth and the joys they brought.

The boy was taken from his biological parents and placed in the foster care of Sleep Catchers for Violent Children after neighbors informed the police.

The organization’s volunteers quickly located an adoptive family for the boy, giving him a normal life.

When the child found out that he had been adopted into a new family, he wrote a letter to them outlining his hopes and dreams for his new home.

This is an Oklahoma child wish list. When we consider how awful things are for us, we must always think of the children who have nothing.

“Things I want in my family.
I want food and water
Don’t hit on me.
A house with running water and lights.
I want love.
Mom and dad don’t fight.
I want no drugs.
Don’t kill my pets.
Help with school.
Nice clean clothes.
No lice. No bug in house.
Clean house.
Clean bed with covers.
Don’t sell my toys.
Treated fair.
Don’t get drunk.
Tv in house.
Let me keep my school stuff.
Nice shoes.
My own comb soap. Nice house and safe and heater coat.

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