“I have been a mistress for 11 years, and I want to say something to married women. Many would say that I am a wretched person, that I destroy families. I say that I am…”

Here’s what the woman has to say to the cheated wives:

“Most women would describe me as a wretched person, a destroyer of marriages, but I believe I am a kind of ‘band-aid’ for their relationships.

If your husband is wounded, I am just a temporary plaster that helps him. I have been seeing ‘Big Bear’ for seven years.

He is a successful surgeon, married for 11 years, living in a villa in Chicago with his wife and two children.

‘Big Bear’ also bought me an apartment just three kilometers away from his home. I have never seen myself as ‘the other woman,’ especially since the relationship is so long-lasting. But I have the gift of turning lemons into lemonade.

So, I thought of helping married women who want to understand why their husbands cheat on them. Believe it or not, it’s about more than just sex.

Men want their wives to be mothers, friends, and therapists to them. Be the woman he fell in love with before the wedding, the woman he truly fell for!

‘Big Bear’s’ wife is an amazing mother to her children, but she is a friend, a therapist, and a terrible ‘mother’ to her husband. Believe it or not, most of the time I spend with ‘Big Bear’ is not about sex.

We listen to jazz, drink wine, and discuss the news. I cherish every second spent with ‘Big Bear,’ knowing that I will disappear when his wife decides to change.

When he leaves me, I will come across another ‘wounded’ man who needs a temporary band-aid.

The best way to make women like me disappear is to consider my advice.

But one more thing: the advice applies only if your husband married you because he loves you.

It’s important to know why he chose to marry you,” the mistress writes in the open letter she published on the internet!”

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