Reading about the beautiful acts of kindness performed at weddings may be even more special than the joy and uniqueness of the occasion.

Reading about the great acts of love performed during wedding ceremonies can be even more meaningful than the beautiful and enjoyable events themselves.

What Elizabeth did for her future husband moved millions of moviegoers to tears.

Elizabeth and Scott were planning a wedding in Sydney, Australia, on January 27, 2018. Everything worked perfectly.


When the handsome groom entered the room with his son, the lovely bride was getting ready for the big moment, which would be a huge and completely unexpected surprise for him.

Scott began to lose his hearing when he was five years old, and three days later, he was completely deaf. Music started playing in the background as Elizabeth got closer to the altar.

Since the meeting two years ago, the mother of two has been learning sign language.

Three months prior to the wedding, Elizabeth learned to sign a love song.

He started to cry when Scott realized what his wife was doing.

Elizabeth announced, “I’ve been receiving messages from all over the world,” shortly after the virality of the video below.

The best feedback came from disabled parents who said that I made them believe that their children will one day find true love.

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