In the middle of the service, the child quietly stood up, went to their mother’s coffin, and pressed their ear against it. Then, they turned to the other people present at the funeral and said one thing that made everyone FREEZE on the spot in the church

The child in the picture left everyone speechless at his mother’s funeral, here’s what happened.

This photograph touches us deep in our souls – a mother is the dearest and most beloved person in the world.

A young boy from the Philippines is trying to climb onto his mother’s coffin to embrace her. The deceased woman’s relatives took this photo and posted it on Facebook:

What answer could we give to a child who asks, “Why doesn’t Mommy sleep next to me anymore?” Our hearts break…

He took a chair and with its help, climbed onto the coffin to embrace his mother one last time, according to Perfect Media.

No child should lose their parents at such a tender age. Love and cherish your loved ones!

Sources: Perfect Media, Realitatea

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