Such a beast!’ A hiker in South Carolina came upon a large snake along a brook.

Meredith Langley went on a trip to Jeffries Creek Park in Florence, South Carolina when she encountered a giant snake perched on the creek’s edge.

Langley took photos of the remarkable lizard and shared them on Facebook, along with a message about how well it blended into its surroundings.

According to Langley, the post was also an effective teaching tool for her children, who had a habit of running ahead of her on their walks.

A tweet about a potentially dangerous-looking reptile elicited several comments online, prompting over 1,000 shares on social media.

One user speculated that the beast had already devoured someone, and another expressed reluctance to investigate surrounding paths. Several users merely expressed their horror at seeing this “beast.”

In reality, Sean Foley, curator of herpetology at Columbia’s Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, revealed that the reptile was a harmless brown watersnake.

Watersnakes are well-known for persuading potential predators that they are dangerous cottonmouths; they will flatten their heads and shake their tails amid the leaves when frightened or cornered. As a result, they appear more formidable and, hopefully, avoid being assaulted.

Shocking construction workers, a gigantic anaconda spanning 33 feet long and weighing 63 stone was discovered on a building site in Brazil. The serpent was found during a controlled explosion at the Cave of Altamira in Para.

One crew member’s footage reveals the anaconda’s scary size, which had reached one meter in circumference. It was a sight that startled people because such massive beasts are seldom discovered daily. The sighting was unusual, as most snakes in this part of the world rarely get to such size.

The personnel of the horrific discovery had no choice but to tether Medusa, a 25-foot-2-inch-long snake, from Kansas City to a crane.

When the animal was lifted, its yellow-speckled belly was revealed in all its splendor, eliciting viewers’ mixed reactions when the film was uploaded to YouTube. According to Guinness World Records, Medusa is currently the world’s longest snake in captivity.

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