Restaurant Faces Backlash Over ‘Controversial’ Sticker, Owner Refuses To Apologize

A restaurant in Danville called Gross’ Burgers has been the center of attention on social media after a customer posted a picture of a controversial bumper sticker located in the restaurant.

The sticker features the message, “If you can’t read this, thank a Marine,” with additional text in Arabic that says “Allahu akbar.”

The customer shared the picture, expressing her disgust and calling for the sticker to be removed. However, the owner, Brad Gross, refused to remove the sticker, claiming that it was one of his “patriotic items” and that it had been a part of his restaurant for over a decade.

Many people in the community have come out in support of Gross, including those who have served in the military.

However, there have been many negative comments on social media, with some people accusing Gross of being insensitive and racist. Some customers have even called for a boycott of the restaurant.

Gross has defended his decision to keep the sticker, stating that he has a long line of military service that should be respected and appreciated.

Despite the negative comments, Gross’ Burgers continues to receive support from many customers who believe that the restaurant owner has the right to display the bumper sticker.

However, others believe that the sticker is offensive and should be removed. The controversy has sparked a debate about free speech and what is considered acceptable in public spaces.

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