Your prayers are needed for Terri Irwin.

This month, a horrific video surfaced that showed Robert Irwin, who was 18 at the time, perilously close to being eaten by Casper, a saltwater crocodile.

The large animal at the Australia Zoo charged the adolescent around mealtime, causing him to flee for his life.

Terri Irwin allegedly reacted in shock after losing her husband Steve in 2006 at the age of 44 after he was stabbed in the chest by a short-tail stingray.

When she saw how perilously close Robert came to a terrible end, the late Crocodile Hunter’s wife reportedly “almost had a heart attack.”

The 57-year-old grandmother of the Irwin family is reportedly still grieving over Steve’s sad loss.

Terri concerns that her teenage son works with dangerous animals like his father, and she wishes the two “weren’t quite so alike sometimes.”

At the Australia Zoo, a crocodile recently sprang at 18-year-old Robert, abandoning its food in favor of attacking him.

The harrowing video shows Casper, a rare “leucistic” saltwater eel charging at the adolescent while Robert begs his fellow zookeepers to “bail.”

Robert wondered if Casper was comfortable enough in his new surroundings to participate in the performances put on by the renowned Queensland zoo.

The 350 kg, 3.7 m beast ignored Robert’s offer of food and pounced toward the teenager with its jaws open.

He yelled, “Bail, bail, bail!” in a panic to escape the snake that was advancing on him.

He just dodged the crocodile’s teeth, which were seen from above.

The scene came from the Crikey! the season finale on American television. The image Robert shared on social media includes the Irwins.

Because Casper is a leucistic saltwater crocodile, he has far less black skin pigment than other crocodiles, giving him a whiter appearance.

As a result of his condition, “he would’ve been predated on at a young age in the wild,” according to Australia Zoo.

Casper is also referred to by the writers as “one of the most aggressive crocodiles we have ever seen”.

But in the zoo, Wendy, a female saltwater crocodile who likewise has the disease, has been paired with him.

Casper, the leucistic saltwater crocodile in the photo, is a rare species because he has far less black skin pigment than normal crocodiles and hence appears lighter in color.

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