Dwayne Johnson makes a heartbreaking announcement about his beloved mother.

According to the actor, his mother was involved in a car accident late last night and is currently being treated in Los Angeles.

The former professional wrestler known as “The Rock” gave the most recent information regarding his mother, Ata Johnson’s, health in an Instagram post.

In addition, he uploaded a shot of the front end of the vehicle, which had incurred substantial damage, to the internet.

“Thank God, she appears to be in good health.

My mother was involved in an automobile accident late last night, and I think the angels of mercy guarded her as she was taken to the hospital. He told me that she would survive and be further evaluated.”

“This woman has battled lung cancer, a difficult marriage, a head-on collision with an impaired driver, and a suicide attempt.”

“She has overcome adversity in such a way that she proves the existence of angels and miracles.”

In addition, the actor thanked those who work in the police and fire agencies.

“Thank you for your concern and attention to detail, Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Fire Department.”

“I appreciate you were staying on the phone with me and walking me through everything,” he said.

Furthermore, he pleaded with his supporters, encouraging them to love and respect their parents.

“I only have one parent left, so if you still have your mom and dad, hug ’em tight because you never know when you’ll get that 3 a.m. call we don’t want to get,” the 50-year-old former wrestler said.

Her admirers and colleagues in the entertainment business have expressed their best wishes for her quick recovery.

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