Our thoughts and prayers are with Blake Shelton

The next time you see Blake Shelton, you won’t even know him as the same person. Recently, the country music artist, who is 44 years old, went through a significant weight loss, which did not occur for any healthful reasons.

After a number of fans expressed concern regarding his physical appearance during a virtual concert, Shelton shared with his followers the news that he had recently survived a rather major health crisis.

Shelton disclosed in a Zoom interview that he had established unhealthy routines in the early stages of his isolation, such as compulsive overeating, excessive snacking, and excessive drinking.

Because of his habits, he put on a lot of weight, which was made worse by the fact that he was unable to work or go on tour at the time because of the pandemic.

In the end, the musician had a little heart attack when he was attempting to take care of some duties around the house.

“”My lifestyle had become something that was so negatively affecting my health,” he explained in the interview. “And it wasn’t until I felt that ache in my chest that I realized those late night cheeseburgers and extra beers with my friends were killing me.”

Although it wasn’t a full-fledged heart attack, his lifestyle had become something that was so negatively affecting his health. My doctor recommended that I get the weight off as soon as possible and keep it off permanently in order to prevent any more complications to my heart.”

Shelton realized after the fright that he needed to take charge of his health and make some changes. Following the advice of his close friend and fellow judge on The Voice, Kelly Clarkson, he decided to try out the ketogenic diet.

The diet demands you to dramatically cut back on your consumption of carbohydrates so that your body can enter a state of ketosis and begin the process of burning fat. Shelton was able to shed some pounds on the Keto diet, and he claims that he is currently in the greatest shape of his life as a result.

Shelton is fortunate to have made a full recovery from the health scare he experienced. In fact, he is in better shape now than he was prior to the mild heart attack that he had.

Because of the epidemic, many people’s formerly good health habits have deteriorated over the past six months. His story can serve as an excellent example for those people.

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