Mom Finds Out Her Boys Were Rude To Bus Driver, Devises ‘Perfect Punishment’ To Teach Them Respect.

Jenn Brown, a mother from Harrow, Ontario, faced criticism from around the world after sharing her boys’ punishment on social media.

Brown had received notification from her children’s primary school that they had been exhibiting “poor bus conduct.”

To teach them a lesson, she decided that they would have to walk to school, regardless of the weather, instead of taking the bus. She shared a photo of her sons walking to school with a banner that stated, “Being bad and rude to our bus driver.

Mom’s making us walk.” The photo quickly went viral, with many people both criticizing and praising her parenting tactics.

Brown’s decision to use a placard and publish the photo on social media sparked debate, with many calling it “shaming.” However, Brown denied that she intentionally shamed her children and stated that her intention was to teach them that riding the bus is a privilege, not a right.

She also received a note from the bus driver appreciating her for teaching her sons a lesson.

While some praised her innovative parenting tactics, others chastised her for making her children walk in inclement weather.

Brown responded by saying that she had no other option if she wanted to teach her sons a lesson, and that the two-hour walk provided them with quality time together.

In response to accusations of “shaming” her children, Brown argued that a little guilt can sometimes be beneficial in helping people learn from their mistakes.

She stated that she would not intentionally shame her children, but that feeling regret and guilt for harmful actions can lead to positive changes in behavior.

Overall, Brown’s parenting tactics sparked debate and highlighted the power of social media. While opinions may differ on the appropriateness of her methods, Brown’s intention to teach her children respect for the privilege of riding the bus is a valid one.

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