A family had perished in a car crash. Two parents, and four daughters had lost their lives in a explosion, after hitting a truck.

The family was from Lajamanu Indigenous community, between Darwin and Alice Springs.
The family was in their car, a Mitsubishi Pajero, and they steered to the wrong side of the road at Stuart Highway and hit a fuel loaded truck.

Leslie Manda, Central Desert Regional Council CEO, had stated that one of the adults, who were thought to be the parents of the family, was a council employee.
The veichle had burnt for more than five hours. Police reports stated as, “intensity of the fire meant that there was little human remains left.” They also added that, alcohol, fatigue, domestic violence or mechanical failures may lead to this horrendous incident.

“They just finished sorry business for that. Now they are starting all over again but especially for the girls all aged under 10. Just devastating,” said their friend.
Nine News reported that the truck dirver, ”tried to help the family… he had just got away with his life, I’ll never forget the look on his face.”
Michael Murphy, NT Police Commissioner ”While we call it an accident, it’s not really an accident, there’s some sort of element involved that could contribute to that whether it’s mechanical, it could be road surface, it could be roadway, human.“
“They have a number of injuries but the psychological injuries they’ll carry for the rest of their lives,” Murphy stated about the truck driver.

“Our sympathy and condolences are offered to the family and friends of those who lost their lives. It is expected (the truck drivers’) injuries will heal over time and we are arranging support counselling for them and their families.” Stated by road train company Shaw’s Transport.

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