105-yr-old matriarch meets 5th generation grandchild and shares her ‘wish’ for baby

Grandparents are lucky and blessed if and when they get to meet their grandchildren.
This grandma, however, did not just watch her grandchildren grow up, she even got to meet her great-great-grandchild.

Annie Berry, the 105-year-old grandma from Bowie, Maryland, has just met her 5th generation grandchild for the first time in 2019.


Who else in their lifetime can say that they’ve met the fifth generation of her family line?
The family had gathered to celebrate Grandmama Annie’s 105th birthday a few weeks after the real date so all five generations can be in one room together.

Her real birthday was on January 18 while her great-great-grandchild, Olivia, was born on the first week of February.

It was the first time that all five generations were all together.

When they asked her what Grandmama Annie thought of Olivia, she had one thing to say.
“I think she’s cute like Grandmama,” Berry joked.

Even at 105, she was still a sassy woman.

It’s really obvious with the way she’s dressed and how she fixed up her hair. She was not going to let her age stop her from looking like her fabulous, sassy self.

It is a special occasion, after all.


It’s not just because of her birthday but they made history in that room on that day.

The Guinness Book of World Records should have been there, too!

Grandmama Annie has lived a very eventful life.
She was born in 1914 in Meridian, Mississippi.

She had spent most of her younger years picking cotton, shucking corn, and milking cows.

She then moved to North Carolina, where she worked as a caretaker for a local white family.

Grandmama Annie eventually got married and switched careers.

When she retired from her job as a school administrator, she moved to Maryland to be with her family.

At 105 years old, she has gone through a lot of hardships.
She has witnessed four world-changing wars, lived through 18 US presidents (including a black one, as she predicted) and several historical changes, and the evolution of many generations.


Through it all, she has remained hopeful.
Racism may not have been defeated during her time but she envisions a loving world for her great-great-granddaughter.

What is Grandmama’s message to baby Olivia?

“I’d like for her to be kind and loving and do what mother says to do,” Grandmama Annie shared.

When they asked her the secret to her life long, she answered that it was all because of her obedience to the Lord.

The viewers of the video were amazed to see history in the making with this five generation of ladies.
“What beautiful women! All they must have gone through over the decades and they all get to be there to see this new little girl,” caliv0608 said.

“This is the best and sweetest thing ever. This baby girl will get to look back on this year’s later too,” Lacy Wagner added.

“When that baby grows up, it might not get to meet her great great grandmother again, but she can meet her through this video,” Ruthay commented.

We learned through the comments added by one of Grandmama Annie’s great-grandchildren that she had passed away in 2021.
Grandmama Annie lived a very full life.

All the generations in her family are blessed to have been able to spend life with her.

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