Legendary entertainer, 80-year-old Chubby Checker was born in 1941 in South Carolina, and grew up in South Philadelphia.

In his high school, he was a known name with his imtating skills of others. Fats Domino, Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis was some of the names he was imitating in his schools.

In 1959, he had signed a contract with Cameo-Parkway Records, and he had released his version of, “The Twist,”. Whom it originally belongs to Hank Ballard.
The song immediately became a hit, and became an anthem for the couples who were dancing on the floor.

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And since that time, he had created 34 hit songs, and had a Grammy.
For 57 years, he is married to Catharina Lodders, old beauty queen. When they married in 1964, Civil Rights Act was intuduced too. With the act, African-Americans had received their rights to vote, education, enlisting the army and simple public services. But interracial marriage was still banned.
“I didn’t care. Love ain’t got no color on it.” He said in 2015, about their marriage.
They were 22 when they got married. and even there were a ban regarding their union, they have married. Rev. George L. Garver had married them and stated nothing about their colors.

Twist idol Chubby Checker and his bride-to-be, Catharina Lodders of Haarlem, Holland, who was Miss World of 1963, kiss after the 22-year-old millionaire presented the 21-year-old beauty with an engagement ring here December 12th. (Getty)

Lodders had won the Miss World Beauty Pageant in London, at the age of 20. She also won the Miss Hollan in the same year.
In the start of their marriage, they had faced lots of problems, discrimination. They had tried to buy a house in Philadelphia, but they were denied, and then they had bought their house, outside of Philadelphia, which they are still living in.

The couple had three children together. Bianca Johanna Evans, Mistie Bass and Shan Egan. From their children they became the grandparents of seven.

Chubby Checker (aka Ernest Evans) appears in a photo with his wife, Catharina Lodders, when he performs with a full band at The Cutting Room on March 6, 2008, in New York City. (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images/Michael Ochs Archives)

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