An online user of Reddit, had told the story of his not giving seat to a pregnany lady, while on a train trip.

He told his story, in the AITA subreddit, and later deleted his post, after receiving bad comments regarding his bad behaviour.

He stated that once he was on the train, he had the last seat available, and after a while later, a pregnant woman had got in the train.
The user stated that he was on the first seat that a person would saw once they got on the bus, and the pregnant lady, “apparently looking for a seat.”

“I wasn’t sure whether I should offer mine to her or not,” he said.
While he was thinking about giving his seat, an elderly woman said him to get up and give the pregnant woman his seat.
“You can’t just ask tell someone else to claim my seat. It’s mine, I get to decide.” He responded to old woman.

Then old woman said that you are clearly have “the ability to stand”.
“Everyone was eyeing me as if I had said something wrong, but I got p***ed off. I wasn’t having that nonsense. I told her that I am not doing it, and she began to accuse me of not having respect for elders.” Redditor wrote.
“I told the old woman that she has to mind her own business, to not interfere in my affairs, and that I have every right to remain there.”
“I probably made a bad impression on everyone, but I didn’t like her attitude.”
“Showed a very prominent lack of empathy towards someone in a physically demanding state who did nothing wrong” said a user under the comment section.

“The courteous thing to do is give up your seat to the pregnant person.” Said another.
“This man should have extended a courtesy by offering the woman his seat. He made the decision to stay seated and stood his ground out of anger, which is not the best-deciding factor when determining an act of kindness to someone else.” Said Diane Gottsman, Etiquette expert, and the founder of The Protocol School of Texas.
“Common courtesy dictates that when you are able-bodied, and have the opportunity to offer your seat to someone who appears to want or need extra help or attention, you do so out of goodwill.”
“This gentleman continues to be bothered by his own behaviour, or he would’ve let it go by now, rather than dwelling on what he did. Whether the person was pregnant, elderly, or simply appeared to need to sit down, giving up a seat is a small sacrifice, which makes a big impact. You never know… they may have gratefully refused the kindness but it is a goodwill gesture nonetheless.”
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