A toddler with Down syndrome is shown in an ad for Banana Republic’s new baby line.

Lastly, businesses are doing what they need to do to show that they are welcoming.

In order to better serve their customers, fashion companies have recently moved away from the standard model of a thin white woman and toward models with more different body types. Although we are aware of this, there are still some groups that aren’t well represented, such as disabled people.

Just as Victoria’s Secret introduced their first model with Down syndrome, another company is marking an important event with the launch of their baby line.

A baby boy with Down syndrome is in the latest ads for Banana Republic.

Banana Republic, thank you for #changingthefaceofbeauty.The post was made by Changing the Face of Beauty on March 5, 2022.

The company said in a statement that the BR Baby line it just released was made with the promise of being more eco-friendly, welcoming, and open to everyone.

“We want to honor all kinds of diversity, and we thought the casting for BR Baby was a great time to do this.” We were thrilled to give this kind, lovely person his first modeling job.

Such a cutie!

Katie Driscoll, founder and president of Changing the Face of Beauty, an organization that works to make sure that disabled people are equally shown in the media, said that she was “thrilled” that companies were using their ads to talk to disabled people.

“Our community is often forgotten when diversity is talked about. The disability community is the world’s largest minority, and one in five families knows or loves someone with a disability.” It’s important for our future to be seen in the world we live in.

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