Before you leave the house, leave a coin in the freezer for these reasons:

This is a must read article if you intend to leave food in the freezer while on vacation. Today, we’ll show you a straightforward method for determining whether frozen food is safe to consume.

We never know when the power will go out when we are away from home. However, this may result in the thawing and spoiling of frozen food.

Using a penny and a water jug, the woman devised a clever method by which we can now verify that the refrigerators are still functioning properly.

You will never again have to worry about spoiled fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator with this experiment.

Sheila Pulanco Russell came up with the idea for the fridge-mug experiment, which uses regular tap water. It’s a simple test: if the penny freezes, it means that your refrigerator can keep food well chilled and frozen. If not, this probably means you need to buy a new refrigerator to keep food from spoilage. Try it out at home right away!

Sheila outlines the next steps in a Facebook post that quickly received hundreds of thousands of responses and shares. She penned:

“I just heard a great tip for those of you who are evacuating from the coast. The one cup tip is the name of it. You filled your freezer with a cup of water. After it has solidified, place a quarter on top and store it in the freezer. When you return from an evacuation, you will be able to determine whether your food has completely spoilt and been refrozen or whether it has remained frozen.”

“If the quarter sinks to the bottom of the cup, the food has all defrosted and should be thrown away. Be that as it may, assuming the quarter is either on the top or in the cup then your food might in any case be alright. It’s also a great idea to keep this in your freezer all the time, so you can use it in case you lose power for any reason.”

“Throw away your food if you don’t like it. The primary concern is everyone’s safety. PLEASE POST THIS ON YOUR PAGE. ”

Regardless, if you are unsure whether food is safe, discard it. Your health has always been and will always be the most important thing in life.

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